Operational & Industry Policies

Statements made in the following paragraphs are those that represent what Memories Digital Studio has adopted as our policy guide at this point in time.  Changes may occur at any time at our sole discretion.


Memories Digital Studio is herein treated as the same entity for purposes in the context that follows:

Undertaking to engage Memories Digital Studio in the transfer of the contents of your vintage materials to modern digital media, constitutes a contract and that you have read and agree with our operational policies as stated below.

The policies outlined below are in effect and in force when any work is "in progress" by Memories Digital Studio on behalf of its customers\clients.  Claims of non-awareness of these policies does not constitute ways to circumvent payment when due or to financially or legally harm in any way Memories Digital Studio should the occasion arise.  These policies are in effect automatically once work begins on our mutually agreed contract and terminates (other than stated elsewhere), upon final payment for services rendered. However, the foregoing policies are not in effect or in force if work has not begun and the customer changes their minds before work begins.

Privacy Statement

We will not purposely view your 8mm films, Super 8 films, 35mm slides or VCR-camcorder tapes or cassettes, you place in our care except in instances where a post production process requires it, or our quality assurance program is exercised, or other -see below. We at Memories Digital Studio, addresses the whole aspect of privacy on two fronts, one that is the question of content ownership and two, your right to privacy when doing business with us.


All original media in the form of videos, pictures, films and slides and its original state or recorded content provided to us by you for transfer , video compilation, restoration and/or professional editing, though yours in its original state, does undergo a copyright ownership transformation due to content 'changes' and the act of transfer to another media. The question of 'work for hire' arises.  By having Memories Digital Studio transfer your videotapes, films, pictures and slides to DVD, you automatically are bound and agree the copyright of transferred works falls to Memories Digital Studio by default.

We, in turn offer limited if not all copyright back to you automatically with a proviso that on occasion we may use part of the finished edited or restored project/DVD. Short clips, restored picture, professional slide shows and/or for comparison and advertising purposes on our web site and brochures, where in turn, we will not sell or otherwise give away, denigrate, put in a negative light in any context whatsoever any such material when used by Memories Digital Studio for marketing purposes. This particular policy remains in effect and force even after the contract has been 'closed' - ie: payment for services rendered has been completed, and shall remain so at the discretion of Memories Digital Studio. Invoking this policy may be very rare.

Your Account

Memories Digital Studio reserves the right to limit or refuse service, or to remove unusable content, or to cancel orders at our sole discretion for any reason.

Archival Copies

As a matter of industry procedures, we make digital copies of your converted or edited materials on portable hard drives or copy of DVD where applicable.  It serves as a backup should your final product get lost or damaged. We would tend to keep disk copies for at least 6 months from the date the completed service was picked up or delivered. After 6 months or so, we would shred all copies as per Privacy Act.  We do not guarantee materials will be kept for the full 6 months. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

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